Math Everyday: Pain or a Privilege?

At the start of the 2014/15 school year, math every day was a new phenomenon and not one that was anticipated with excitement.  As an avid math hater, I was one of the students who strongly disliked this change.  As the year has progressed, I have actually learned to love having math every day.  I believe it is a strong structure towards raising the math scores in our high school.

This year, math changed from an hour and five minutes every other day to math for an hour and half one day and the next day forty-five minutes.  Many students believed this would change their entire lives completely and make school more of a hastle.  Having math every single day made it seem as if doomsday was upon us all.  If you asked me today, I would say I believe that math every day has not only helped me greatly, but others as well.

Last years schedule made it difficult to ever receive help with the homework.  I could never find time on the days I did not have class to talk to my math teacher about the work.  Instead, I would constantly be behind, and never have time to catch up and ask questions.  With the new schedule, I have forty-five minutes after class every other day to go in and talk with my teacher.

Another benefit to the new schedule is how my memory works with math every day.  Math every day has improved my test scores greatly.  I can now go to class without forgetting what happened in the last class.  When math class was every other day, I struggled with keeping the material in my head.  This led to me doing poorly on tests and homework.  With math every day I am pushed to study for the test the next day because it is a priority, instead of something I can procrastinate for and keep pushing off.

The new math schedule has improved my own math scores greatly, and I know for a fact I am not the only one.  If everyone in the high school can start to feel like me about the schedule, all of our scores could improve, making our school even better than it already is.