AHS Students Embrace New Schedule Wholeheartedly


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After it was announced that the schedule will change next year, the student body and staff have appeared to be ecstatic and elated. Students have been witnessed celebrating the new schedule hanging the mock schedule up in their lockers, posting enthusiastic statuses on Facebook, and thanking superintendent Mohn Jalloy with copious grateful letters and emails.

It is apparent that the students who are most enthusiastic about the schedule change are AVSC athletes, IB diploma candidates, and members of the class of 2017.

“I’m super excited about the new schedule,” AVSC athlete Galena Skisalot said. “Next year, I’m stoked to get 52 minutes to ski four days a week! That gives me almost enough time to get my gear on and do a full run!”

IB diploma candidates seem to be particularly enthused about the possibility of taking zero hour classes (where students would take a class before or after school) and having no free periods during their senior year. Particularly, members of the current junior class seem to appreciate the variety this new schedule gives them for their final year in high school.

“The new schedule is going to be great for me! Maybe I don’t have a free period, and have to take a zero hour TOK class, but shaking things up for my senior year? What could be better than that? Having a free period would be totally boring and doing all my work at home will be fine. I mean, it might be a little difficult, but sleep is for the weak, am I right?” AHS junior Ivy D. Pluma said.

Teachers have also expressed positive thoughts on the schedule to be, and think that these new and shortened classes will certainly be beneficial.

“I think my students will be much happier with 10 minute Socratic seminars only analyzing one passage. Also, having shorter periods to grade papers will definitely keep my nights busier! I’ll never be burdened with sitting at home and just relaxing and reading again. And all in all, since we really have more minutes overall, I think it’s a fabulous improvement,” English teacher Beth Thomsburger said.

Additionally, this schedule appears to please students who may be less motivated, and are compelled to ditch classes daily.

“Dude. I’m pumped. When I ditch class now to go smoke a joint across the bridge, I’m only missing 52 minutes of material,” junior Mary Jane Wead said. “The new schedule’s gonna be lit.”



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