Brace for Impact

Captain Chesley Sullenberger making an announcement to passengers.

Photo Courtesy by: IMBd.

Captain Chesley Sullenberger making an announcement to passengers.

Based on the novel “Highest Duty”, written by pilot Chesley Sullenberger, the new film “Sully follows what happened when the first ever-commercial airliner with 155 people aboard successfully landed on water. The movie was released on Sept. 9.

While the public widely considered Sullenberger a hero for his actions on that cold January day in 2009, later known as “Miracle on the Hudson,” behind the scenes the pilot was criticized heavily for the response.

The film starts off with a pilot speaking over the intercom to passengers on the U.S. Airways flight, while the camera shows Sully (Tom Hanks) glaring out the window at a high-rise skyscraper in New York. The camera suddenly flashes back to a dark space filled with two men in the cockpit, Sully and Jeff (Aaron Eckhart) who are nervously trying to land the plane. As Sully hears his name being chanted several times, he wakes up and realizes that it was just a daydream.

“Nobody warned us, no one said you are going to lose both engines at a lower altitude than any jet in history,” Sully recalled in the film.

Director Clint Eastwood switches the camera’s view and zooms in on the passengers’ faces before the plane descends down onto the Hudson River. The soundtrack for the movie is suspenseful and thrilling; the music creeps up and is daunting when the plane first collides with flocks of birds flying towards the airline, destroying both engines.

With a rating of 8.0/10 by the International Movie Data Base (IMDB), “Sully” was praised as a film loaded with action. But “Sully” also provides viewers a believable sense of what it was really like for the pilot during this horrific time, executives with his airline and members of the National Transportation Safety Board. This thrilling film recalls an important event in history that was life changing for the pilots and the passengers.

“Sully” is a great film for anyone interested in the thrill of what really happened and all that went into landing this flight. Any moviegoer can expect to relive the experience throughout the intense scenes of flight.