Spreading H20 Worldwide


Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Miller

The scene of the H20 club fundraiser dance.

On Nov. 12, the H20 Club hosted a fundraising dance at Bumps at the base of Buttermilk mountain.  The theme was “white out” to help bring in the winter spirit.  The dance was held in order for the H20 Club to do their job : “get clean water to every single person who needs it.”  Overall, the club raised $2,500 from the dance.  A major part of this will be donated to the Hurley Waves 4 Water charity that helps build clean water filters in third and second world nations around the world.  So far, these 150,000 built filters have been distributed to 105 different locations in 27 countries and have helped around 7 to 8 million people worldwide.  

The dance was a surprise success.  The goal was to have at least 90 to 100 students show up to the dance and to have around 10 helpers, but these numbers were well surpassed.  There is no exact number of students who showed up, but there were well over 100 and around 25 helpers.  A lot of effort was put in and the students had a great time.  One of the four leaders of the club, AHS junior Ashley Soderberg, was extremely thankful that the dance did so well.  

“It went significantly better than I assumed it would,” said Soderberg.  “We were not expecting as much assistance from generous parents or club members, yet a ton of people were involved and helped out.  The outcome of the dance was unbelievable and Carter, Alura, and I are really proud of how the dance turned out.”

The club was started and run by leader, AHS junior Carter Cheo’s, older sister Madi Cheo and her friends at AHS two years ago.  After multiple failed fundraising opportunities, they passed the leadership role onto Carter Cheo and told her to really turn the club into something in her two years left in AHS.

“When I took over the club they told me this the one thing that the dance was the one thing that really made a difference,” said Cheo.  “I loved doing something for the club that also allowed kids to have a safe place to dance and have fun.”  

The decorations, including a photo booth, wild streamers, black lights, and smoke machines, were over the top and made for a fantastic evening for the students of AHS.  The dance featured four of AHS’s own DJs, including senior EO Rafelson, junior Dylan DeGraff, junior Cassidy Jarrel, and sophomore Sam Kahn.  The students enjoyed themselves while singing and dancing to their favorite songs played by the DJs and making a difference in the world while doing so.  

“The H20 dance was an innovative way to get the whole school together and become aware of an incredible cause that has been longing for our attention,” AHS senior Ella Horn said.  “Everyone had a night to remember and we hope the memorable fundraiser will live on throughout upcoming years.”  

The four club leaders, Alura Potampkin, Carter Cheo, Ashley Soderberg, and Mackenzie Miller are hoping to hold another dance after so much popular feedback on this one.  It is a great way for the club to fundraise, and a great way to increase the club’s support and popularity in the high school.  

“I would love to do another,” said Cheo.  “Definitely next year, but because it was so successful I would consider doing another one in the spring if we get enough encouragement.”