“Pippin” hits Center Stage


Photo Courtesy of Lyon Hamil

The ensemble and Pippin practicing during rehearsals.

ASPEN-A Tony Award winning musical, and a story within a show, AHS welcomes “Pippin” as the spring musical. The performances first pull up the curtains March 16 to 19 in the District Theater. After almost six days a week and long hours of rehearsals, the hard work and dedication put into the production will finally pay off for students. Theater teacher and director of “Pippin”, Logan Carter, says this performance is the one to snag a ticket to.

“I have to say honestly I think this show is going to be the strongest musical we have done in the last five years. I can’t wait,” Carter said.

Throughout the month of December through the month of March there is lots of extra work going on hidden behind the curtain. The actors have to produce a song and monologue for their audition. After receiving the main role, senior, Lyon Hamill, stepped up to the plate by putting on the final touches of the play.

“As a lead in this production, we take a lot of responsibility for being leaders of the cast and being examples to follow. That also comes along with being a senior as well. We use our rehearsal time to go over scenes, songs and choreography,” Hamill said.

In the musical “Pippin,” there is a also an ensemble. It is portrayed as the dancing portion of actors and performers that display the story of “Pippin.”

“The ensemble is actually the biggest part in the show,” Carter said. “They never leave the stage. My favorite memories and biggest learning experiences in theatre have been when I was in the ensemble.”

Sophomore Emma Ellis, who portrays the lead dancer in the ensemble, says that it is a perfect role for her and contains much more than just dancing.

“I was cast as a lead dancer in the musical and so far I really love it,” Ellis said. “The whole show is set in a classic Broadway dance style called Fosse, so I’m really enjoying learning a new technique.” 

Senior Luke Ryan explains that he has dreamed of this role of the Leading Player, who is the ringleader of the troupe of performers who are putting on the story of “Pippin”.

“It’s fun actually,” Ryan said. “It’s been a dream role for a while, and when Logan announced we would be doing Pippin for my senior show I worked really hard to make sure I got the role,” Ryan said.

“Luckily the casting team saw what I saw in myself and how I could really make this role unique,” Ryan said.” In the Broadway productions of the show, the Leading Player has been played by men and women, and it’s a huge dance role. I knew I could do it justice if I was given the chance and I’m so grateful to have been given this role for my last spring musical at Aspen.”