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The World’s Best News Channel: SNL

Putin advocating for Donald Trump in the People's Court

Putin advocating for Donald Trump in the People's Court



Putin advocating for Donald Trump in the People's Court


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New polling has a dramatic change in how Americans get their news.  Laughing along to Kate McKinnon’s funny impersonations, families across America have turned to SNL for their weekly news briefings. Regular news programs like CNN, BBC, Fox News, and NBC have either scaled back their news programs dramatically or shut down all together because of the lack of viewership.

“With all these alternative facts going around, we felt safer just getting our news from a source we trust like SNL,” AHS junior Gracie Smith said. “They make news so enjoyable to hear.”

After last week’s news briefings, Americans got to watch President Trump’s appearance in The People’s Court to appeal the ruling against the Travel Ban. Jessica Star, an avid news watcher and mother of three, really enjoyed the broadcast.

“It all seemed pretty standard until Vladimir Putin showed up shirtless as Mr. Trump’s character witness,” Star said. “After that I became really concerned with Trump’s ties to Russia, but Putin said, ‘Everybody come on, lay off President Trump, ok. This man is a great friend he is my little American happy meal.’ and I felt a little better.”

Following the news segment about Putin surprising Trump for Christmas by coming out of his chimney shirtless, many AHS students were concerned that Putin was spying on them.

“Putin is hiding in my chimney!” Jimmy yelled through the AHS hallway. “He is going to pop out in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping.”

This particular news segment caused a significant increase in the amount of bricks bought to fill chimneys with, and #notmychimney became the number one trending topic on both Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for next week when SNL reports on Donald Trump’s plan to go to war with the hooligans on Mars.


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