The Best Halloween Costumes For 2017

Halloween's here!
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Halloween’s here! Photo courtesy of

Overall the total for money spent in America for costumes is over $3.1 billion dollars!  Halloween is a huge holiday in America. Last year party city’s most popular costumes were Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman. I’m here to give some ideas to make this year’s Halloween costume memorable.

First the five most popular costumes.

  1. Pennywise the Clown

For those who want children to run away from them screaming.

Penny wise
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  1. Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman
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  1. Tight Suit/ Fat Suit.

This never stops being funny. We all love that kid who comes as one of these every year and no one knows who it is.

Fat Suit
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Tight Suit
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  1. Game of Thrones Character.

(Insert GOT pun here)

Game of Thrones
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  1. Baywatch costume.

*Runs in slow motion*

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And how about the five weirdest/ funniest costumes out there.

  1. Pregnant Kylie.

There’s nothing like a 20 year old, pregnant, billionaire to inspire you.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner
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  1. Cinderfella.

Someone’s got some re-evaluating to do.

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  1. Sexy anything.

(Sexy nurse, police officer, basically anything serious can be made “sexy”)

Sexy Police Officer
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  1. Guy/ Girl Fieri.

Best couples costume ever!


Guy and Girl Fieri
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  1. The Last Minute.

“I’m not dressing up this year Halloween is for children.”- me October 10th.

“I have to dress up! It’s Halloween!”- me October 30 at 2 am.

Last Minute Star Wars Fail
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