First Men’s March reaches AHS

Richard Daeh carries a poorly decorated and misspelled homemade sign at the first annual Men’s March.

Photo by Zippidy Doey

Richard Daeh carries a poorly decorated and misspelled homemade sign at the first annual Men’s March.

SATIRE — On January 21, the first annual Men’s March- lead by Harvey Weinstein and Larry Nassar- transpired all across the nation. Several AHS students, along with many members of the community, engaged in the movement. They marched down Main Street, carrying offensive signs, and chanting obnoxious mantras.  

AHS student, Menar Betar, carried a homemade sign reading “brovaries not ovaries.” He spoke about his motivation to protest, promoted by the current U.S. administration’s viewpoints.

“After president Tronald Dump tweeted, telling us to go to the march, I got really fired up to get out and start fighting for the rights us men should get!” Betar said. “ I think men should get paid a lot more than women because we are the better gender. We very smart and we very strong.”       

Additional signs carried by protesters read ‘The future is male,’ ‘Her body my choice,’ and ‘Boys just want a sandwich,’ among many. Father and men’s rights activist, Wo Men Suc explained,

“I wanted to raise my daughter with realistic expectations. I don’t want her to be disappointed in the future when she learns that she is less powerful than men and incapable of doing the same things,” Suc said. “I taught her from a young age that her place was in the kitchen, on the floor cleaning, and caring for her future husband. So, when I arranged a marriage for her a couple of years ago, I wasn’t surprised by how well she was performing as his wife. I wish she could be here to witness this revolution, but her husband doesn’t allow her to drive, understandably”

Richard Daeh, another protester, spoke about his motivation to participate in the march with his young son.  

“I’ve been starving for the last four days! My wife refused to get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, so I decided it was time to get out on the streets and teach my son a lesson on how women should treat men,” Daeh said. “It’s a very important cause, and all boys should understand it from a young age.”

Many campaigns, such as the “Men who have never been pregnant, but are against abortion movement” were also sponsored and promoted throughout the day.

“It’s truly an unbelievable group,” Daeh said. “I believe all men should be extremely involved in this controversy since it directly affects us on a very personal level. It is a topic that all men have experienced and can understand, so we should have very strong opinions about it.”