Fit in as a Aspen local during the summer


Photo by Ava Thornely

Zip lining in Snowmass.

Aspen is known as a small resort ski town but little do people know, Aspen has so much to offer during the summer. Here are six places to visit in Aspen this summer to fit in as a local.


Local Coffee House- Located in the center of Aspen find many locals sipping unique lattes, and reading the Aspen Times. Local Coffee House is a restaurant is filled with many appetizing breakfast and lunches. As a very secretive location, it is an excellent place to relax and eat locally grown food. My personal favorite is the Farm Boy and Rooibos latte for an early breakfast.

Hiking the Ute- A 0.9-mile steep hike with switchbacks located on the north side of town. Once you get to the top, it is a great place to take pictures and admire the whole town of Aspen. If that still doesn’t wear you out, keep hiking until you get up to the top of Aspen Mountain, which is only another 3.1 miles to the top. When there is a view of the back side of Aspen, and all the beautiful mountains, and even take a free gondola down!

Northstar Preserve- If you’re looking to cool down and have a relaxing day, this is the activity for you! based on Independence Pass, you will find Northstar, a river flowing through the exterior of Aspen, You can go paddle boarding or tubing for a relaxing lazy river float. Surrounding you are beautiful views and flourishing wildlife. The river ends with a rope swing. Keep in mind this is melted snow and not a nice warm beach.

Devils Punch Bowl- If you are looking to get some good photos and really look like a true local, go to the Punch Bowl. Located on the top of Independence Pass the Punch Bowl is a daredevil’s haven. You have many rocks to jump from into the cold river. This is also a great place to people watch.

Big wrap- Based at the base of Aspen Mountain, you will find a quick lunch filled with a Mexican flair. You are bound to find locals there, and it is perfect for a to-go lunch. Your wallets might get emptied during the time you are in Aspen, but this is a great place to get tasty and inexpensive food. Cash only!

Snowmass- If you want to explore Colorado more, Snowmass is a great place to go. Located 20 minutes away from Aspen, you will find a lot of great activities to do there including the new ropes course, the alpine coaster, and even zip lining down the mountain. You can also find mouth water food offered on the mountain. Furthermore, you can do many hikes around the area including the capital creek trail a 6.5-mile trail.