Getting ready for Beach Days at AHS


Photo by Annika Nichols

AHS students enjoy sitting outside on the beach at lunch

The grand re-opening of the AHS beach happened April 22, and now that the snow is melting it shore is fun to sit out on the beach during lunch. Since students are still stuck inside all day for classes, most choose to sit outside and enjoy the sunny blue skies and soak up some rays. Students can enjoy spike-ball or simply relax on the grass and get the closest experience to nature while still being in school.

Since there are still five weeks left until summer vacation, people can’t go to Mexico or the Caribbean to sit on the sandy beaches, but they can go to the AHS beach for lunch. Although it isn’t sandy and there’s no ocean, there are plenty of sunburns to go around. The beach lets students do something new and different that they haven’t been able to do for four months of the school year.

The beach is an outdoor safe-haven for everyone at AHS as we get through the rest of the year. Sophomore at AHS Macy Hopkinson comments on sitting on the beach in the springtime with her friends and during classes.

“I like sitting outside because it’s my chance to escape the small dark classrooms. It’s springtime so it’s sunny and warm and I can sit outside in the grass with my friends or go outside for class. It’s nice because when the beach opens up and all the students can sit in the grass it means springtime is here,” Hopkinson said.

With more bluebird days it’s nice to be outside in general, whether it’s on the beach sometime during the day or after school. It’s great to have the opportunity to be able to sit outside because Aspen such a gorgeous and safe place.

Tilly Swanson, AHS Sophomore, also talks about why the beach opening up is such a big deal for students

“I love getting to sit outside and get a breath of fresh air from being stuck inside the classroom. It’s also hilarious to walk around the school and see all of the sunburnt students. It’s like the new trend in the spring because everywhere you look students are sunburnt,” Swanson said.