AHS’s new athletics operations coordinator: Larissa Bohn


Larissa Bohn

Aspen High School’s new Athletics Operations Coordinator, Larissa Bohn, poses while coaching the girl’s lacrosse team.

This November, Aspen High School’s Assistant Girl’s Lacrosse Coach, Larissa Bohn, stepped into the role of Athletics Operations Coordinator at AHS.

Bohn moved to Aspen in 2015 to be a snowmobile guide at T Lazy. She moved to the East Coast for a year to go to medical school but soon moved back and got a job teaching at ACES at the Elementary school.

“I’ve been working in the school district for the last two years, and I’ve been coaching lacrosse since that first year when I came in 2015 to snowmobile guide. Finding a job that would allow me to coach and have more of an impact on the high school kids was really my goal.”

Thus far, Bohn has enjoyed her new position. As the Athletics Operations Coordinator, she deals with team travel and scheduling on a daily basis. Bohn works with Aspen High School’s Athletic Director Martha Richards.

“One of Martha and I’s passions is coach development\; we work on getting coaches and making sure they’re good coaches. We want to be competitive and have all our teams be successful on the off the field,” Bohn said.

Bohn’s team won the national championship in club lacrosse at the University of Pitsburg during college. She believes that is what led her to want to work in athletics.

“Winning a championship sets you on this trajectory to want to continue in sports. A lot of my friends on that team are coaching or working in athletic departments across the country,” Bohn said.

Bohn has been the Assistant Girls Lacrosse Coach at Aspen High School since 2015. She believes that her new position at the school with benefit her coaching.

“I think it {working as Athletics Operations Coordinator}is going to help with coaching lacrosse because I think that anytime you get a better view at what it takes to operate behind the scenes helps how you’re going to perform in that position,” Bohn said.

AHS Athletic Director, Martha Richards, agrees that Bohn’s role as Athletics Program Coordinator will strengthen her job as a girl’s lacrosse coach. Richards believes Bohn will greatly succeed in her new position.

“She’s very intelligent and brings this great attitude and energy. She did a great job interviewing and using her past experiences and showing how those could help us in this department,” Richards said.

Aspen High School’s girl’s lacrosse head coach, Amanda Trendell, has not only worked with Bohn on the coaching staff for the past three years but was the AHS Athletics Operations Coordinator preceding Bohn.

“Larissa has been a great addition to the Girls Lacrosse program. She brings a high level of loyalty, commitment, and passion, which makes her a great role model for the girls in the program,” Trendell said.

If Trendell could give one piece of advice to Bohn about the new position, it would be to manage her time appropriately.

“Being an athletic director is about your passion for the life lessons that athletics can provide, sometimes you can lose sight of that when you get caught between battling for field space and scheduling across the entire state,” Trendell said.