Aspen Equestrian Team qualifies for regionals


Lara Deyarmond

Aspen Equestrian Team, including middle school riders.

This year the Aspen Equestrian Team is getting the spotlight they have been working toward by qualifying for regionals. Coached by former AHS students Elisabeth Hall Flynn and Annie Gabber, the team has been paving a new road to success.

The Aspen Equestrian team was established in 2015, since then, the team has always done well individually, but as a team would not qualify for the next round. Until now, the team recently qualified for regionals, which they will be attending the weekend of February 14.

The team consists of both middle school and high school riders of all levels. They attend shows where they pull a horse’s name out of a hat, and then they have to ride that horse in the competition.

Riders are judged on their form and ability to ride an unfamiliar horse.

A current team member who is a freshman at AHS, Emilia Deyarmond, has been on the Aspen Equestrian Team since sixth grade. She is also cross-discipline in Dressage and Western riding.

“The team is a great way to meet people with the same interest as you, while also competing and gaining experience,” Deyarmond said.

The Aspen Equestrian team hopes to spread their success to Zones in March after regionals. Zones is a version of states for those participating in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association. However, before they can attend team riders, Mackenzi Hart, Hannah Yeary, Emme Deyarmond, and Halle Horning must win their class to qualify the team.
Head coach Elisabeth, a graduate from AHS, has instilled new winning tactics to this season that have contributed to the success of the team.

“I have been teaching for a long time, I have seen many things done, and I hope I can use these ideas and skills for my team to make them as successful as possible,” Flynn said.