AHS teachers and their celebrity look alikes


Photo by Hannah Smith

AHS Counsellor Josh Berro and his celebrity look-a-like, Tom Hanks.

The phenomenon of doppelgangers is definitely a fascinating topic, and at AHS, there are some teacher-celebrity look-alikes that will startle you.

One shocking celeb-look alike is AHS french teacher, Eric Lamb, and the popular YouTuber, Pewdipie. The resemblance is uncanny! Pewdiepie is on the right, and Eric Lamb is on the left.







AHS business teacher, Sheri Smith, looks remarkably similar to actress Sarah Jessica Parker. When comparing the two in their teenage years, you almost can’t tell them apart! On the left is young Sarah Jessica Parker, and on the right is young Sheri Smith.















Another AHS teacher who has a famous doppelganger is chemistry teacher Brent Maiolo. His look-alike is Matthew Lillard, and Lillard’s photo is on the right, and Maiolo’s photo is on the left.












Toby Maquire is infamous for his role in the “Spider-Man” movie saga, and AHS teacher Kevin Cronin is his definite doppelganger. On the left side is the infamous Spider-Man, and on the right is Cronin.











Last but not least, AHS counselor, Josh Berro, could have definitely pulled off Tom Hanks’s role in “Castaway” with his unbelievable resemblance to this famous celebrity. Tom Hanks is on the left side, and Josh Berro is on the right.