How To Support Local Businesses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are staying in to protect themselves, their families, and others from getting infected. However, this does mean that restaurants and other local businesses do not have any foot traffic and have little business. Hence, it is important to support local businesses at this time.

You can support local businesses by ordering delivery or takeout from local restaurants, shopping online on Aspen store websites, buying local produce from Clarks Market, City Market, or Roxys Market and Deli, buy gift cards from local restaurants and shops to use as a gift when the stores reopen, donate to local businesses and nonprofits, write online reviews to show local businesses how much you appreciate them.

Avery Colgan, the manager of White House Tavern, noted her opinion on the importance of supporting local businesses during this time.

“Supporting local businesses can really show the essential workers how appreciative you are of them,” Colgan stated.

One way to support local businesses is by supporting local restaurants. Many of the restaurants in Aspen and Snowmass have continued to stay open, but conduct their orders via delivery and takeout service only to avoid getting people infected. Some of these restaurants include CP Burger, which offers take-out and curb-side pick up, Meat and Cheese, which offers delivery and takeout from 11 am – 7:30 pm, Big Wrap, which offers takeout on Monday – Friday from 10 am – 6 pm, White House Tavern, which is offering takeout.

Full List of All Restaurants Open as of March 26, 2020:

Aspen Tap Room: pizza to go, (970) 710-2461
Aspen Wine and Spirits: delivery and curbside pickup, Monday – Friday 10am to 8pm and 12pm-6pm on Sunday, (970) 925 6600
Bamboo Bear: takeout and delivery, (970) 710-2094
Bear Den Aspen: takeout and delivery, (970) 922-9218
Bangkok Happy Bowl: takeout and delivery, (970) 925-2527
Bok Choy Aspen: takeout and delivery, (970) 544-9888
Butcher’s Block: takeout, (970) 925-755
Francesca’s Aspen: takeout and delivery, (970) 274-9011
Grateful Deli: takeout and delivery, (970) 925-6647
Hickory House: takeout and delivery, 11am – 2:30pm & 5pm – 9pm, (970) 925-2313
Jimmy’s Aspen: takeout and delivery, 5:30pm – 8:30pm, (970) 925-6020
Jing: takeout and delivery, (970) 920-9988
JUS Aspen: takeout and delivery, (970) 710-7063
Kenichi: takeout and delivery, (970) 920-2212
Local Coffee Aspen: takeout and delivery, (970) 710-7855
Louis Swiss Pastry: takeout, (970) 925-8592
Mawas Kitchen: takeout and delivery, (970) 710-7096
Mezzaluna: takeout, Lunch 12pm – 5pm, Dinner 5pm – 9pm, (970) 925-5882
New York Pizza: takeout and delivery, 11am – 8pm whole pizzas, sammies, and salads only, (970) 920-3088
Pastore’s Taste of Philly: takeout and nightly delivery, (970) 923-5711
Red Mountain Grill (Aspen golf course): open for carry out daily 12pm-8pm, delivery daily 4pm-8pm through April, (970)544-6336
Red Onion Aspen: takeout and delivery, 12pm – 8pm, (970) 925-9955
Ryno’s Pizza: takeout and delivery, (970) 922-7966
Taster’s Pizza: takeout and delivery, 11am – 9pm, (970) 923-5250
The Grog Shop: curbside or free delivery from 2:00-7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday, (970) 925-3000
Tiki Mana Island Grill: takeout and delivery, (970) 710-2381
Victoria’s Espresso Bar: takeout, 7:30am-7pm, (970) 920 3001
Zane’s Tavern: (Aspen location) takeout until midnight, (970) 544-9263