AHS boys basketball team shoots for victory


Photo by Tessa Guthrie

Taylor Akin, sophomore, and Sergio Ruiz, junior, defending during home game at AHS.

Amid the adversity of the Coronavirus, student-athletes, coaches, and members of the AHS athletic department are all excited for Season B, which started January 18.

According to Alexander Schrempf, the coach of the boys basketball team, the student-athletes have been preparing all summer, winter, and fall for Season B.

“Being a part of a TEAM means being a part of something greater than yourself. I’ve found – in my short lifetime – that I am happiest when I am committed to a purpose that’s bigger than my own personal wants and wishes. I’m looking forward to showing up for our student-athletes, for my coaching staff, and for our community, and doing everything in my power to protect this opportunity and make the most of it,” Schrempf said.

Quinn McKie, a junior on the team, said that a lot of players had been preparing and improving before the season had started.

“A lot of players were going to every pre-season practice possible and many kids have improved a lot. Unfortunately, due to COVID, it has been hard to have our season to the fullest,” McKie said.

Larissa Bohn, Assistant Athletic Director, explained their plan to make being on the basketball courts as safe as possible for both the student-athletes and the coaches. Bohn said that masks will be required at all times, they will be limiting the amount of people on the courts, and they will try to maintain as much distance between the players as possible. In addition, facilities are and will continue to be cleaned and sanitized very often and, depending on the COVID-19 rates in Pitkin County, workouts will sometimes be strictly no contact or shared equipment with other people.

Bohn also spoke about spectators and what other alternatives the school has. Bohn said that most schools in the state have a very strict no spectator policy, and AHS seems to be following in their footsteps.

Instead of in-person spectators, AHS will offer a streaming service.

“We added Pixellot cameras to the turf and in the basketball court so fans will be able to log in and livestream home games that occur at these two locations,” Bohn said.

Although this season may be different from seasons in previous years, according to Boys Basketball Captain Luke Hollander, the players are still happy to get back on the courts.

“I’d say that we’re very excited to get back on the court this year and even though we have a shortened season I’d say we’re very ready to compete this year,” Hollander said.