A Banner for the Girls


Leah Moriarty

Seniors Christensen, Bonds, and Turbidy, along with Riddick run off the field just prior to the Fruita game to prepare the team.

Just four years ago Aspen Girls Lacrosse got their shot at making a mark on Aspen High School, so there was little less than elation for the girls and the many crowd members as the final seconds ticked away and the final buzzer sounded signifying a win. On Thursday, April 24th the AHS Girls Lacrosse team achieved one of their final wins of the season, against Fruita Monument, nearly sealing the conference title.

The girls took the win from Fruita, with an 8-6 victory, in a game that was fought for until the very end.

“After coming off such an exciting win [against Battle Mountain] we had momentum and it was the perfect motivator to help us win against a tough team like Fruita,” head coach Lauren Riddick said.

On Tuesday, April 29th the Aspen Girls played their final conference game, against Summit at home. Though the game proved to be a harder win than expected, the girls won the conference and stormed the field in pure joy.

The girls started off on shaky legs in the first few minutes of the game, and Summit was quick to score three goals. As the game progressed, the girls found their spots and themselves on the field, and by halftime established a strong lead.

“I think the most important thing that our team did was we played with confidence. We never once put our heads down, even when we were down by three goals and only three minutes left [Battle Mountain],” Captain Emily Bonds said, “We played our game until the last whistle blew. I think that the seniors also knew that this was our last year to win the banner, and we encouraged and motivated the underclassmen to want it as well. We knew we had to work as a team to win, and we most certainly did.” By the end of the game, the girls secured the win and proved themselves to be the conference champions.”

In AHS there are banners in the Big Gym the praise each of the teams who represent the school and their accomplishments [Conference Champions, Regional Champions, State Champions, etc.] When the girls won the last three games of the season, they also became the conference champions, earning a banner that will be hung among the others, memorializing their amazing season.

Winning a banner was always an initial goal of the program since its establishment in 2010.

“We (the twelve seniors) have all been playing together for years now and have been working towards getting this banner for the past four years. Having 2014 be the first year as league champs for Aspen Girls Lacrosse is very special and memorable for us all,” Captain Nina Christensen said, “Getting the banner has been the most amazing feeling. We have such an amazing and special group of girls this year and I am so glad it was this team that got the banner for the first time. Being a senior has made it even better.”

The girls will face Battle Mountain again on Friday, May 2nd for their last regular season game [not a conference game]. Though this game will not be determining seeds in the playoffs or titles for the season, it will be the last home game and therefore senior night, a special tradition in many high schools.

This year, Aspen Girls Lacrosse will celebrate the leaders and essential members of the team. The twelve seniors will be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the program. Emily Bonds, Nina Christensen, Shannon Turbidy, Lindsay Davis [all captains], Libby Dowely, Hannah Dodge, Else Dodge, Ashley Henschel, Sarah Chiles, Sophie Stuber, Kelly Tick, and Claire Whittingham are the seniors that will be graduating in May.

“I will definitely look back on this final victory and season. The team we had this year was unbelievable. I don’t think it is possible for girls to get along and stick together as much as our team did this year. When I come back in a couple years to watch my sister play I will look back and remember how our teamwork and dedication were the attributes that allowed us to win our conference,” Turbidy said.

Although there is much excitement among the girls, their season in not quite over yet, as they head to the first round of the State Championship on May 7th.

“We’ve learned to play as a family,” Riddick said, “We had a lot of uninterrupted time that let us establish relationships out on the field. Championships will be hard, but there is no better combination than playing together as a team and having confidence in one another.”

The girls will play in the first round of playoffs in the next week, advancing if they win. Regardless of the outcome of playoffs, there is no question in anyone’s mind: These girls are proud of their season, and the seniors have left behind their high school legacy.