Students inspired by Golden Goose shoes


Photo by 660 Spellings

Samantha Toowealthy using the Goose Kit on her Adidas.

SATIRE- Breaking news there seems to be a suspicious robber at AHS taking money from parent’s accounts. The investigation continued until we found it was the students taking their parent’s money for the new Goose Kit. Inspired by the original manufacturing idea of Golden Goose shoes, for those who don’t quite have $500 dollars to spare, a build-your-own- goose kit available for just $200. Legend has it that when Mr. Goose, creator of Golden Goose, was a student in high school, he spent his time coloring the souls and fabrics of his white Converse. After months of dirtying his shoes, Mr. Goose finally decided to get a new pair, but on his way to the trash, he was stopped in his tracks by four students who asked to buy them.

Now with this new kit, Golden Goose has one of the highest net worth businesses“I never expected to be a millionaire. But I guess I was pretty trendy, even though I was poor!” Goose said.

Students today are similarly inspired by Mr. Goose and the Goose Kit. The Goose Kit includes a pair of clean white sneakers, a piece of charcoal to dirty up the sides when they get too clean, three different colored markers which students use to draw a star on the side, and finally a packet of dirt to rub on the laces.

Samantha Toowealthy, the mother of student Johnny Toowealthy, loves the idea.

“When my Johnny came home asking for $200, I asked what for. He expressed to me there was this shoemaking kit to make your shoes look worn out. I knew this was the new trend, so I had to give him the money. He has made over five pairs now, and his creativity will definitely get him into an Ivy League” Toowealthy says

Mr. Goose is opening a shop in Aspen with his own designs on December 12, 2020. Aspen School District will be closed this day, due to many teachers and students have already called in expecting to be ‘sick’ this day.