AHS Dress Code enforced for the first time in years


Photo by Sophia Greiper

According to the AHS dress code, this is an “appropriate” outfit for school.

Aspen High School is no stranger to the controversial topic of dress codes. This year, the dress code is being more strongly enforced for the first time in 21 years.

According to AHS’ student handbook, the dress code was put into place to help students concentrate, reduce disciplinary problems, and increase school order and safety.

Tameira Wilson, an AHS history teacher, believes that the dress code is necessary to prepare students for the professional world.

“I really, really believe that part of our job is not just preparing you for college, but preparing you for adulthood. And I think that sometimes we’re almost so casual in our relationships, in this case, in appearance, that that translates into when you’re an adult,” Wilson said.

AHS had a dress code in place for years; however, in previous years, the dress code was not enforced, with many students unaware that AHS had a dress code. Wilson attributes the increased enforcement mostly to the changes in leadership AHS had this year, as AHS had many staff changes, including a new Principal and Assistant Principal.

“I think with the change in leadership, we just have different eyes on the same issues. And one of the issues that came through was that idea of dressing for the environment that you’re in,” Wilson said.

“Again, that connection to-if we’re preparing you to go off into the world where that is an expectation that you dress appropriately for whatever environment you’re in-that idea of being professional and looking professional.” Wilson continues.

Many students have expressed concerns with the new dress code and the reason behind instituting and enforcing one. Elleana Bone, a junior at AHS, does not agree with the dress code.

“I feel like the dress code is kind of telling women what they should be able to wear and do with their bodies,” Bone said. “It ends up just being a lot of body shaming, because it’s really hard to enforce.”

In an attempt to revise the dress code and to create a more fair one, Bone created a petition that was spread around the school. Bone’s main goal was to create a more flexible dress code with less strict parameters. For example, she wanted a dress code that allowed students to wear shirts that showed some midriff, and to not have parameters on clothing items such as tank top straps or shorts.

“It’s very frustrating to feel like when you finally feel confident, you have to be scared of other people thinking that you look too sexual. I think it’s also just kind of, instead of me feeling good about myself, it’s like other people are objectifying me that I look a certain way,” Bone said.