A Fault in the System


Mackenzie Conner

Senior Megan Hanson working intently to perfect the order of Ex Ed trip choices before she enters the lottery.

I was happily on my way to sign up for my Ex Ed courses, but before I even knew which order I wanted my trips in, they were selected for me by the system. I had no intention of signing up for half of the trips that were on my printout sheet. Although all of the trips are designed to be not only educational, but exciting as well, there are certain trips that appeal more to different students. One of the most unique aspects of the Ex Ed program is having the opportunity to choose what you do.

“I was disappointed because I got in second lottery last year, so I was looking forward to selecting my own trips this year because I had a lot of points,” junior Zoe Starensier said.

Many students did not know that their problem could be solved by talking to IB coordinator Tameira Wilson and penciling in their initial choices.

“With the turnover in staff, we have had a lot of technology issues that we have not previously had. I would implore students to just be patient with the system,” Wilson said.

Students who experienced this problem did have the opportunity to reselect their trips and resubmit them to Wilson; however, the students that did not take it upon themselves to find a solution will have to make the best of the trip that they end up on, preference or not.