Changing with the times


Photo by Ava Thornely

The adjusted schedule during the two week trial.

As the freshmen depart lunch 10 minutes early to get to their classes on time, the whole school is now following in their footsteps; they too must look at their schedule, wondering which class is next and where did third period go.

Marc Whitley, AHS science teacher and member of the leadership team expressed his thoughts on the trial schedule.

“I do miss the 90 minute periods, as a science teacher certainly those were helpful for labs, but I think 60 [minutes] seems to work as well,” Whitley said he references how the old schedule .“Seems like everyone is so busy there isn’t enough time to do the things well we want to do.”

Recently AHS completed a trial scheduled for a new bell schedule over the course of two weeks from February 4th to the 15th. This trial means no more 90 minute periods on Wednesday and Thursday, and a shorter access period. Additionally, one class period will be subtracted from the daily schedule, so students will only take six classes a day instead of seven.

There are mixed feelings concerning the adjusted schedule. Junior Avery Hirsch thinks that the new schedule is confusing and that it doesn’t accommodate each student properly.  

“Since we don’t have long period classes, it’s hard for IB students to have the amount of time to get work done,” Hirsch said.

Other students think it is better than the original schedule. Freshman Bella Hanaman seemed to enjoy the new schedule.

“I really like the way it works because 90 minute classes are so hard to get through,” Hanaman said.

Josh Berro, an AHS guidance counselor, is also very busy making and fixing students schedules. “There are a lot of kids in AVSC with 6th and 7th period off and I thought that might be an issue but since 6th and 7th were always at the end of the day it hasn’t been an issue,” Berro said. “I’ve been hearing that kids like the fact that classes are an hour, and they like that they are sometimes at different times of the day,” Berro said.

This could eventually become the schedule for next year if there is positive feedback.