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The student news site of Aspen High School


The student news site of Aspen High School


Jordana Rothberg

Jordana Rothberg, News Editor

Jordana Rothberg is the current News Editor for the Skier Scribbler. She was born in Aspen, Colorado, and will be graduating with the class of 2017. This is her third year writing for the Skier Scribbler. Jordana would love to continue to study journalism throughout high school and college.

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Noah Kahan singing Young Blood.

More Kahan Please

March 15, 2017
Seniors Carson Friedland, Mackenzie Miller, Sari Behr and Ella Horn last year during Ski Day.

Diversity to Unity

February 28, 2017

Advice for Rejection

February 22, 2017
Photo courtesy of Earth911

Pine or Plastic?

November 28, 2016
One of the rafts to a rural village in the Amazon.

Newly Cultured

September 7, 2016
Junior Sari Behr walks through the show.

Two Years of Art

April 15, 2016
Junior Carson Friedland walks around the exhibit “Generation Now,” observing the piece “Am I Pretty Yet?”. To the right of her is “Untitled”.

Generation Now

April 15, 2016

“Reality Scope”

April 11, 2016
Pomeroys piece Blank Stare.

Blank Stare

February 12, 2016
Photo by Jordana Rothberg

Holiday Recipies

December 8, 2015
Photo by

The Walk

October 30, 2015
Photo courtesy of Leah Moriarty

UPDATE: Soccer Playoffs

October 30, 2015
Swift singing her hit song Trouble.

The New Biggest Fan

September 15, 2015
Jennifer Morandi-Benson, Social Studies
Originally from: Aurora, Colorado
Prior teaching years: Eleven years
Favorite ice cream: Cookies and cream frozen yogurt
Why Aspen? “It’s the best school with the best kids in the state of Colorado. I feel like I can use my degree in a way that is beneficial to the students and the environment here.”


October 7, 2015
Victor Vella-Martinez, Spanish
Originally from: Alicante, Spain
Prior teaching years: Three years teaching in college
Favorite ice cream: Chocolate
Why Aspen? Once I got the offer I called my friends and they said really good things about Aspen. And Ive only been here a week or so, and so far and I have been experiencing all those good things.


October 7, 2015
Scott Reed, History
Originally from: California
Prior teaching years: Six years
Favorite ice cream: Pumpkin cookie dough
Why Aspen? I was married in Colorado so I decided I would come back because I like the mountains. And for aspen as well there was a great reputation of the school. Quality education, which I was looking forward to.


October 7, 2015
Kyle Taylor, Physical Education and Health
Originally from: Aspen, Colorado
Prior teaching years: One year
Favorites ice cream: Peachy Paterno 
Why Aspen? “I’ve been living here for the past eleven years, and this is where I love to live.”


October 7, 2015
Jennifer Cook, Library Media Teacher
Originally from: Michigan
Prior teaching years: Fifteen years
Favorites ice cream: Gold Metal Swirl
Why Aspen? “I think that Aspen really values inquiry based learning, which is what I really like to do, let kids explore and learn independently.”


October 7, 2015
Joseph Dziedzic (Joey), Spanish
Originally from: Phoenix, Arizona
Number of years teaching prior: Eight years
Favorite ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Why Aspen? We were supposed to move to Minneapolis on Friday but we changed our route, the weather was a little better and this school seems to be a pretty good fit.


October 7, 2015
Laurel Henderson, English
Originally from: Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Prior teaching years: Six years
Favorite ice cream: Ben and Jerrys Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch
Why Aspen? Friendly kids and academic rigor. You guys are awesome!


October 7, 2015
Mary Cate Hauenstein, Counselor 
Originally from: Aspen, Colorado
Prior teaching years: Five years
Favorites ice cream: Chocolate chip cookie dough
Why Aspen? “When I realized I wanted to come back (to Aspen) it seemed like a really good opportunity to come to Aspen High School and be able to work here.”


October 7, 2015
Shannon Duffy, Health and Physical Education
Originally from: New Jersey
Prior teaching years: Nine years
Favorites ice cream: Salted caramel or anything with peanut butter
Why Aspen? “I came here when I was in highschool to go skiing, and I don’t know who could come here and not love it here. I never forgot about Aspen, and I specifically remember the day that this job opened,” said Duffy. “I am unbelievably thrilled to be here.”


October 7, 2015
Alison Walsh (Alie), Theater
Originally from: Oklahoma
Prior teaching years: Teaching for Theater Aspen for the past two years
Favorite ice cream: Chocolate chip cookie dough
Why Aspen? I came to Aspen to be part of a great theater and I have fallen in love with the students.


October 7, 2015
Nadia Vonderhaar, Math
Originally from: Bulgaria
Prior teaching years: Fifth year in support services in AHS, but first year as a math teacher
Favorites ice cream: Ben and Jerrys Dublin Mudslide
Why Aspen? “The mountains and the skiing.”


October 7, 2015
Lillian Burrows Holding Her Most Recent Piece

Drawing For Happiness

October 28, 2014
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